**UPDATE: Scott’s daughter posted to Facebook around 6 p.m. Tuesday that the surgery was complete and Scott was recovering in intensive care. We will continue to update as we hear news about the procedure.

It’s a nice thought, this idea of putting things in perspective. People talk about it all the time, usually while trying to give you some advice. But I recently found out a little trick to really help you put things in perspective. Just have your doctor tell you, 

“You have a brain tumor”. 

That is what mine told me a few weeks ago and if you happen to be reading this the morning of March 17 (or the early afternoon), I’m actually over at the UNC Medical School having that tumor removed. I’m in very good hands and am certain things will all work out, but I also thought it would be a good time to maybe share some thoughts—just given that very small chance that I might not be able to in the future. Honestly, I simply did not want to regret not saying some things while I had the chance. So, the good folks here at ExitEvent have agreed to publish this little share about my own life and entrepreneurial journey, and maybe it will help others along the way. 
Although I now know that my tumor is not in the brain, but just pushing against it, and that the risks right now are more from the side effects of the operation than the tumor itself, it can still all be a somewhat disquieting, and yet introspective, experience. On the other hand, even before knowing all the details and better understanding the risks, it was not something that really bothered me. I can honestly say I was never afraid or even anxious. 
The fact is that I have led a very blessed life, very. Loving parents, a wife (of 35 years this May) who is truly my soul mate, three daughters that I completely adore and even a career in which I feel that I left something behind. Each and every one of those gifts, I know were a gift of God and for which, no matter what happens today, or as a result of today, I am just so very blessed, so very thankful.