In today’s Bulldog wrapup of technology and life science news:

  • Red Hat launches a “cloud” practice offering services and technology
  • AT&T and Cisco team up to connect vehicles
  • Uber buys a mapping firm
  • AT&T moves into mobile connected health
  • Sony to launch virtual reality headsets next year

The details:

  • Red Hat’s New Cloud Practice

Raleigh-based Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) is rolling out a new “cloud” practice, offering a series of solutions and services.“Red Hat Cloud Innovation Practice will aggregate product feedback and provide the technical leadership, evangelism, best practices, research, support and dissemination services needed to create relevant use cases outlining ways to help increase delivery efficiency, speed up deployments, and achieve a quicker return on investment,” according to Red Hat.

Business Cloud News has the details:

  • AT&T, Cisco Team to Connect Cars

AT&T (NYSE: T) and Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) announced at Mobile World in Barcelona, Spain, that they are partnering to boost Internet connectivity for vehicles.

“With this new software-driven mobile Internet solution incorporated in to our offerings, we can help to provide auto makers with advanced connected car services that give consumers more real-time communications services that positively impact the driving experience,” Cameron Coursey, VP of Product Development and Operations for the Internet of Things at AT&T, said in a statement.

WirelessWeek has the details at:

  • Uber Buys Map-Search Startup

Ride-sharing service Uber is adding deCarta, a mapping and search startup, to its growing technology arsenal, news site Mashable reports.

“A lot of the functionality that makes the Uber app so reliable, affordable and seamless is based on mapping technologies,” Mashable quotes an Uber spokesperson as saying. “With the acquisition of deCarta, we will continue to fine-tune our products and services that rely on maps –- for example UberPOOL, the way we compute ETAs, and others – and make the Uber experience even better for our users.”

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  • AT&T Enters Mobile Health App Arena

AT&T is planning to offer a “ForHealth” service designed to aggregate and analyze health data from numerous sources, according to FirceWireless. It will compete with Apple’s HealthKit.

AT&T exec tells FiereceWireless the ForHealth platform “seamlessly aggregates data from different apps and devices and provides users with personal insights and correlations that are actionable to improve their health. For example, the platform can analyze your sleep and exercise patterns and tell you: ‘You run farther on days you’ve slept more than six hours.’ With this information, you can adjust your sleep schedule to get the most out of your workout.”

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  • Sony’s VR Headsets Coming in 2016

Sony plans on putting its virtual-reality headset on consumers’ noggins next year.

The gaming and electronics company announced Tuesday at the Game Developers Conference that its VR system nicknamed Project Morpheus will debut in the first half of 2016.

Sony Corp. originally unveiled a prototype of the headset at last year’s gathering of video game developers. The headset works in tandem with Sony’s PlayStation 4 console and camera by covering users’ vision and simulating virtual worlds on screen.

Sony flaunted an updated version of the VR headset prototype at Tuesday’s event. While it largely resembles the prototype introduced last year, the new version redistributes weight toward the back of the user’s head and features a screen that can slide back and forth to accommodate eyeglasses.

The new prototype also features a larger 5.7-inch OLED screen that displays nearly a 100-degree field of view and is capable of rendering imagery at up to 120 frames per second. There are nine LED lights on the headset’s exterior that are to track movement.

No price was announced.