The Allister North Hills Apartments in North Raleigh is among the early locations to land online ultra-fast Internet access from AT&T.

Tuesday’s announcement reflects market demand that is beyond what AT&T expected.

“Our build-out in the Raleigh area continues,” AT&T spokesperson Josh Gelinas told WRAL TechWire, “and demand is exceeding expectations.”

Across parts of the Triangle, AT&T (NYSE: T) has been installing fiber-optic cable to upgrade its Internet and U-Verse entertainment to support gigabit Internet speeds. Gigabit is some 100 times faster than traditional Internet access.

Prices start at $120 per month for gigabit speed service, $150 for gigabit Internet and TV service, and $180 per month for gigabit Internet, TV and voice.

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Allister and AT&T announced the deployment of AT&T GigaPower on Tuesday.

AT&T selected the Triangle as one of the first markets to deploy GigaPower beyond its initial services areas in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas.

Google Fiber also has chosen the Triangle to offer service.

Frontier Communications provides fiber services to parts of Durham County and continues to expand its network.

AT&T is working in partnership with several area municipal networks and Duke, North Carolina State, UNC-Chapel Hill and Wake Forest universities to build the North Carolina Next Generation Network.

“Allister North Hills residents have AT&T’s fastest Internet speeds at their fingertips,” said Todd Flack, assistant vice president of AT&T Connected Communities. “As the Triangle region continues to be a leader in supporting innovation and new technology, this service opens up opportunities for telecommuting and the ability to seamlessly work from home, as well as serves as a catalyst for new employment and economic growth.”

Allister is located just inside the Raleigh Beltline.

“The integration of innovative technology is a cornerstone of Kane Residential’s management philosophy. We are thrilled to be one of the first apartment communities in the state to bring this service to our residents. We know it will be a game changer for the growing number of residents for whom technology is an integral part of their daily lives,” said Bonnie Moser, director of Kane Residential, in a statement.

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