With 775,000 North Carolina residents at risk from the Anthem health insurance hack and with news that Lenovo, the world’s top PC manufacturer, was hacked Wednesday, what’s a business to do to protect data?

Be proactive.

So says Peak 10. The Charlotte-based hosting and web services firm, which operates data centers across the southeast, offered several ideas through its vice president for governance, risk and compliance. 

David Kidd spelled several suggestions in a video blog at YouTube.

Among his key points overall: 

  • Focus on people – select and screen employees carefully and train them on basics of information security
  • Keep software current – maintain a patch management program and test your security with security scans
  • Monitor your systems for unusual activity – this can mitigate an attack
  • Encrypt and limit access to critical data

“Anthem is now another high-profile victim in the ongoing battle between information security professionals and professional criminals,” Peak 10 warned in the blog.

“Make no mistake. Those on both sides of this struggle are highly skilled professionals.”

Watch the blog at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRe04CWRaGQ