A group of hackers called Lizard Squad is claiming responsibility for a hack of Lenovo’s website on Wednesday evening.

A check of Lenovo’s site early Thursday found that the main site is back online. The site was unavailable for several hours.

The hackers said via its Twitter account that they attacked Lenovo in response to the raging Superfish adware controversy. Lenovo has apologized for pre-installing the software, which has been declared a security threat by the Department of Homeland Security. The controversy erupted last week.

“We’ll comb the Lenovo dump for more interesting things later,” the group tweeted. 

“The Lenovo site you are attempting to access is currently unavailable due to system maintenance,” Lenovo’s home website (www.lenovo.com) stated after the attack occurred. 

“Please try the site again in a few minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may create.”

However, earlier in the evening Lenovo told Reuters: “The domain name service server hosting Lenovo’s website was hacked. We do not have any further information at this time to share. We’ll update as soon as possible.”

In a statement issued to media outlets later Wednesday, Lenovo added:

“Unfortunately, Lenovo has been the victim of a cyber attack.

“One effect of this attack was to redirect traffic from the Lenovo website. We are also actively investigating other aspects of the attack. We are responding and have already restored certain functionality to our public facing website.”

The domain name server, or DNS, provides communication to the specific Internet address assigned to a company or organization.

At one time, according to Reuters and other news websites, visitors to the Lenovo website instead saw a video reportedly put together by Lizard Squad.

The video shows “young people looking into Web cameras, with the song ‘Breaking Free’ from the movie ‘High School Musical’ playing in the background,” security companies who monitored the attack said, according to Bloomberg news. 

Some tweets from Lizard Circle about the hack:

  • So we’ve done Google Vietnam and Lenovo, what’s next?
  •  They saved the day? D**** …
  • Superfish removal bricks some devices? Great work Lenovo
  • We’re breaking free! Soarin’, flyin’, there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach

Lizard Squad has claimed credit for several high-profile hacks, including the PlayStation network from Sony and the Xbox Live network of Microsoft. 

The hackers also appeared to gain access to some Lenovo internal emails, at least one of which was posted with sarcastic comments added about Superfish.

Reuters reported that the hackers transferred the domain address to security firm CloudFlare, thus sending people wanting to connect to Lenovo to the San Francisco-based company. 

“As soon as we at CloudFlare noticed, we seized the account and worked with Lenovo to restore service while they worked to recover their domain,” Marc Rogers, Principal Security Researcher at CloudFlare, told Reuters.

The hack began around 4 p.m. 

The news website Verge first reported the hack. 

Lenovo, the world’s No. 1 PC manufacturer, operates its global executive headquarters in Morrisville. Most of its operations are located in China. 

The Lizard Circle Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/LizardCircle/

Read more from Reuters at: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/26/cybersecurity-lenovo-idUSL4N0W005Y20150226