All the buzz about the Internet of Things is helping drive it as a trend among developers across the Triangle – and the state, for that matter. Just what is driving potentially the Internet’s next big wave will be on full display at an NC RIoT event tonight in Durham.

By the way, it’s free.

Matthew Davis, whose day job is vice president of product marketing for apps developer StepLeader, and other organizers of the RIoT organization are reaching out now with an “NC” label. The bigger reach from its Raleigh (thus RIoT) roots is reflected in the program, which gets underway at 6 p.m. The host site is the PNC Triangle Club at Durham Bulls Stadium.

The backers are labeling this an “Extravaganza.” And no less than Cisco’s John Chambers has labeled the IoT as the Internet of everything with an economic potential running to close to $20 trillion. That’s with a “t,” not “b.”

Big opportunity? Try titanic. 

The larger NC RIoT organization endgame is to solidify “NC as a global hub for IoT innovation.”

They say this event’s aim is to:

1. Refresh attendees on the overall IoT opportunity globally and in our home state, separating hype from reality.
2. Share how companies go from idea to execution.
3. Showcase local companies with demo stations.

Here’s the lineup:

  • The IoT Market Opportunity, by Chris Hare, CEO The nTeTe Group
  • Case Studies: From Idea to Product to Company

Speakers: Brian Bell of MiPayWay; David Houghton of Bright Wolf

  • The State of IoT in NC, by Matthew Davis, VP Product Marketing, StepLeader

There’s more

The organizers also say they will have 12 “demo stations” for the latest in IoT gadgets and apps. 

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