The Skinny is supposedly on vacation but wanted to pass along a forecast for 2015 that you should hear and read about …

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes plus a tip of The Skinny’s cap to our many WRAL TechWire readers around the Triangle, North Carolina and the world for 2015.

So what’s trending for 2015?

A new report from J. Walter Thompson (a 150-year-old marketing and communications firm) offers a look across a broad scope of life science, e-commerce, technology and more.

Here are some highlights as offered in JWT’s “The Future 100:”

  • 3D Printing Grows Up: New services help regulate some of the contentious issues around 3D printing that could drive wider adoption
  • Cognitive Technology: Technology is increasingly becoming capable of learning from its interactions with us and presenting intuitive services
  • Peer-to-Peer Payments: P2P payments space is a smart place to be, as consumers get accustomed to services like Venmo that make it easy and even fun to pay friends
  • Aging: Silicon Valley’s Next Frontier: Can techies help us live forever?
  • Death of the Cookie: Consumers are multiscreening and hopping between channels, making it more challenging to track responses and ad effectiveness
  • Palatable Cyrptocurrency: Bringing bitcoin into the mainstream, i.e. Circle app
  • Prosthetics, Performance Enhancers, Exoskeletons and Smart Fabrics: Smart connectivity will be integrated into the fabric of our clothes, while the properties of wearables will go beyond monitoring us to enhancing and “super-humanizing” us

For much more detail, check out JWT’s report website at: