If you’re paying a cable or satellite company to watch your favorite television shows, Mark Buff, president of Raleigh-based Mohu, wants you to reconsider your options.

Recently named by the Triangle Business Journal as one of the area’s fastest growing companies, Mohu offers a new kind of digital TV antenna that, for as little as $25, picks up high-definition TV signal without the need for a cable box.

“Most of the top 100 shows are available over the air,” Buff said Monday. “Most people do not know that.”

The technology came about in 2009, when local broadcasters switched to digital.

At that time, the small company was making radio antennas hidden in mud flaps of armored Humvees for the Army and Navy.

Now, the business – there’s about 50 employees now – has expanded its reach, putting Mohu antennas in electronics and department stores across the country, including Best Buy and Walmart.

Buff says the business is growing as more people cut the cable cord.

“What this allows people to do is get the major networks, and people are starting to couple this with Netflix and Hulu Plus in order to cut back on cable (expenses),” he said.

Buff said Mohu is working on a new device that combines the free HDTV signal from the antenna with online streaming video services into one interface.

He says it will make it easier than ever to enjoy their favorite shows and save money.

“You can cut the cord and get rid of cable and never look back,” he said.