Editor’s note: The “Internet of Things” is the big tech buzz word these days, but not to entrepreneur Scott Moody. Speaking at a TechTalk event in Wilmington, Moody says he is more concerned with the “Internet of You.” Fellow entrepreneur Tanner Clayton writes about the event exclusively for WRAL TechWire. Moody spoke along with co-founder Jonathan Gould of Startup K4Connect.

WILMINGTON, N.C. - Wednesday night’s TechTalk in Wilmington, N.C. was an exciting night with an amazing guest. TechTalk is a joint endeavor created by John Cornelius, of Wide Open Technologies, and myself, founder of WaveRider, Inc. Our vision and commitment for TechTalk is to have meaningful discussions around creating and using technology in a way that empowers us and keeps the focus on positive change.

The seeds of our recent event sprouted a few months ago. We decided the topic would be the Internet of Things and we began looking for the right speaker. We didn’t want someone to simply talk about what IoT is.

We ask the questions, why does it matter to me, my community, and to the world?

While attending a Coastal Connect panel a few months ago speaking on startups and entrepreneurship, Scott Moody spoke and immediately caught my attention. I already knew that he is responsible for the technology behind the iPhone’s fingerprint sensor, known as TouchID.

His company, AuthenTec, was purchased by Apple in 2012. There aren’t too many entrepreneurs whose technology improves the lives of millions of people, hundreds of times each day. During the panel discussion, Moody mentioned his new startup, K4Connect, was located in downtown Raleigh and its relationship to the Internet of Things.

His motivation is a passion to improve people’s lives; the technology is his contribution. I couldn’t wait to talk with him about the possibility of his being our guest at our fourth TechTalk event.

Internet of YOU

Moody and I sat on a small stage in front of about 80 people at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) of Wilmington. One of the first things Scott says is, “I could care less about the Internet of Things…What I care about is leveraging that technology around the idea of the Internet of YOU.”

He goes on to describe what they are up to at K4Connect, their first product K4Life, and how their product can make a real difference in lives of people who would benefit the most, the disabled and senior communities. It’s about reconnecting people to their families, friends, and communities.

The audience could see his passion, they were silent and visibly engaged. K4Connect isn’t the only company looking at the disabled or aging demographic markets through the IoT lens, “But, all of the competition,” Scott stated, “seems to be about ‘managing the patient’ and responding when there is an emergency. We’re empowering people, focusing on their needs, making their lives better and helping
prevent emergencies from happening in the first place. We’re more about enabling our clients to live more independent, healthier and happier lives.”

Moody also shared many of his startup philosophical gems including the Three Ws: Who, What, and

1. Who is your team?

More waking time will probably be spent with your co-founder and team than your spouse, so Moody advises to love being around them, making sure you all compliment one another in terms of both personalities and and talents.

2. What: Is it the right product, the right strategy?

There will always be competition, if not directly, at least in terms of how a customer spends their money. You really need to research and understand the market in order to get the What right.

3. Why is the answer that makes you jump back up when you get knocked down, over and over again.

Moody says, “You gotta love the game you’re in. It’s not about money, it’s about impact. At K4Connect, we’re motivated by the opportunity to leverage all the cool new connected products out there to actually help make lives better in a material way.”

Raising money for your startup, Moody shares, is pretty darn tough, no matter how much experience you have or how good you think your idea is. He relates, “Think of the homeless guy on the corner with a cardboard sign in his hand. Most people drive by without even looking at him, a few may roll downtheir window and make some derogatory remark, and then there are the one or two that give him
some money. You gotta admire those guys, so if you aren’t ready to swallow your pride and be that guy on a street corner asking for money, then you shouldn’t be the founder of a startup.”

Next Up: Jonathan Gould

Following Moody’s interview segment, his co-founder, Jonathan Gould, dove into the technology behind K4Connect and K4Life. Immediately impressing upon the 30-or-so developers that he was more than qualified, Gould demonstrated how their development SDK works. They’ve created a development environment empowering third party developers to program “bridges” for any IoT device
and develop unique applications. The K4Connect system uses existing IoT devices, from any manufacturer, tying them together into one seamless simple to manage system. K4Life will launch with bridges for the most common lights, thermostats, garage doors, and security cameras, already included.

Should a bridge not exist for a device, K4Connect allows developers to create and submit a
new bridge to be reviewed and approved into their software solution. This was the first time they shared information on their SDK and suggested to the audience that if interested, they could apply to be part of the SDK beta on the K4Connect website.

Scott Moody and Jonathan Gould of K4Connect brought their vision and passion of The Internet of Things (You) to Wilmington this week. In bringing TechTalks, we encourage creating and using technology to support everyday people. We foster discussions for everyone in the community to come together, learn, share, and connect.

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