Now this latest offer from GroundFloor is true microlending.

GroundFloor, a startup focused on microlending and crowdfunding in real estate investments, is launching a new platform with investors being able to take part for as little as $10. The minimum had been $100.

The company, which now employs eight people full time with its headquarters recently relocated to Atlanta but with an office still in Raleigh, unveiled its new investment platform Tuesday.

The platform now includes additional analytics and features:

● “Onboarding guide” that walks backers from registration through their first investment, making microlending simple and fast.
● A “dashboard” for investors that tracks progress with account balance,transaction history, open and closed investments, and projected earnings at date of maturity.
● What GroundFloor says in an “objectively determined letter grade for each loan offered, facilitating easy comparison of risk and return.” Builders and property owners must submit information for review by GroundFloor. “Each loan is now algorithmically graded on a
scale of A­G to give every lender the information they need to make the best decision for them. Lenders can also see a snapshot of their current loans, including upcoming repayments and projected earnings,” the company says. 
● Comprehensive library of all properties available for investing that allows backers to discover new projects available for funding.
● Shortened timeframe to receive deal terms for builders who submit their projects to GroundFloor. 

Why the changes?

“We need a new approach to financing housing in America, and it’s already on the way into the mainstream. The Internet is replacing a system that was too big to fail with one that’s too distributed to be decimated again,” said Brian Dally, GroundFloor’s CEO and co-founder.  
“Like the web itself, 100 percent of our loans are available to participation by everyone. Today’s upgrade is another important step to fulfilling our mission to provide greater financial opportunity for all.”

The average interest on loans is 11 percent, GroundFloor says.

The company moved its headquarters to Atlanta in August.