In today’s Bulldog wrapup of technology and life science news:

  • The CEO of Quintiles along with the CEO of Metabolon headline the CED’s biotech conference
  • Those emojis you like to use may soon come in colors
  • AT&T is hiring in Raleigh
  • AT&T making a big buy in Mexico
  • YouTube amends copyright form

The details:

  • CED Names Headliners for Life Science Conference

The Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) has picked three co-chairs for the CED Life Science Conference 2015, which is set for March 3-4.

Tom Pike, CEO of Quintiles; John Ryals, CEO and chairman of the board at Metabolon; and Robbie Huffines, vice chairman of investment banking at J.P. Morgan will lead the conference.

“We are excited to have such a dynamic, respected and accomplished team guiding this year’s event,” said Joan Siefert Rose, president of CED. “Tom, John and Robert each bring unique perspectives through their diverse experiences, networks and backgrounds. We believe these industry leaders will deliver a conference that surpasses the expectations of entrepreneurs, investors and partners – setting a new standard for the CED Life Science Conference and showing a region truly on the rise.”

  • Emojis May Expand Skin Color Options

A proposal to expand the skin color options for emojis may get the thumbs up from those calling for more diversity in the icons.

Emojis are cartoon-like pictograms — such as smiley faces or hearts — that have become popular in texts and online chats to express emotion.

Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit organization that sets the standards for these pictograms, said in a proposal that is considering adding five new skin colors. The default emoji face was designed to be generic, but Unicode says users been clamoring for changes to better reflect global diversity.

The proposal is still under review but could lead to changes for many users as many operating systems are based on Unicode standards.

  • AT&T Is Hiring

Telecommunications giant AT&T is hiring in and around the Triangle.

Current openings include:

  • Chapel Hill – 6 new technician positions
  • Raleigh – 20 new technician positions
  • Goldsboro – 2 new technician positions

They are among some 160 jobs AT&T is seeking to fill across the state, 

For information visit:

  • AT&T Is Buying Mexican Wireless Company

AT&T is buying Mexican wireless firm Iusacell for $1.8 billion and plans to grow in Mexico.

The Dallas company said Friday that Iusacell has 8.6 million subscribers under the Iusacell and Unefón brand names. AT&T had 116.6 million subscribers as of June 30.

AT&T values the deal at $2.5 billion when debt is included.

The company sees potential for growth in Mexico because of its rising population and middle class, even as the proportion of Mexican people with wireless service lags other Latin American countries, according to AT&T.

“”Mexico is still in the early stages of mobile Internet capabilities and adoption, but customer demand for it is growing rapidly,” said AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson in a statement.

The acquisition could potentially lead to plans that include free or reduced rates for Americans traveling in or calling to Mexico, or the other way around. The need to dial a country code for Mexico likely wouldn’t change, as Mexico doesn’t participate in the North American system of dialing 1 plus the area code.

AT&T also said that reforms pushed by Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, were a factor in its decision to buy the company. Nieto’s reforms were meant to bring higher standards and more competition to areas that included the telecommunications industry.

Grupo Salinas owns 50 percent of Iusacell and announced Friday that it will buy the other half. AT&T will buy Iusacell after that deal closes and expects that to happen during the first quarter, following a review by Mexican regulators.

AT&T Inc. shares rose 19 cents to $34.91 on Friday and gained 9 cents to $35 in aftermarket trading.

  • YouTube Amends Copyright

YouTube has amended a form used to resolve copyright disputes after the operators of a German web channel received death threats.

The threats by alleged Islamic extremists came after Al Hayat TV, operated by former Muslims, was told by YouTube to respond to a claim of copyright infringement or risk being shut down.

Al Hayat presenter Barino Barsoum says the form required a contact name and address, and efforts to contact YouTube for clarification were fruitless.

A spokeswoman for YouTube’s owner Google said Friday it takes users’ privacy very seriously but is compelled to act by U.S. copyright law if an infringement is suspected.

Mounira Latrache says Al Hayat could have entered the contact details of a lawyer instead, and the form has been revised to highlight this option.