Lenovo employees in Morrisville are getting a taste of the great outdoors with every trip to the campus cafeteria. The company has installed six Living Green Walls, custom, plant-covered designs by GSky Plant Systems, Inc.

GSky’s Deborah Kotalic, director of artistic horticultural design, used 3,528 plants in seven varieties to create patterns, including a braided look and a wall that follows a circular staircase in the atrium Lenovo’s main building.

Plants include:

  • Philodendron Cordatum
  • Neon Pothos
  • White Syngonium Butterfly
  • Schefflera “Luseanne’’
  • Calathea
  • Ficus Elastica Burgundy
  • Anthurium “Small Talk’’

“I wanted to give them different pieces of art and have a contiguous look, which is how I devised the ‘Braided Pattern,'” Kotalic said.

The architectural firm of Perkins & Will, of Research Triangle Park, designed the walls that accommodate the plants and plant designs as a way to introduce nature into the interior of the buildings.

“The walls were designed to be part of the community spaces, such as the cafe where people gather, the employee entrance and the centered circular staircase,” said John Paul Dolan, senior project manager at Perkins & Will.

Lenovo’s main executive headquarters campus includes three buildings. It recently opened another two nearby for its server business.