Editor’s note: Mobile and data startups in North Carolina target banks, advertisers, B2B sales, consumer products and more. Six emerging companies showcased their technology at the CED Tech Venture Conference on Wednesday. WRAL TechWire’s Allan Maurer has the inside story. Plus, be sure to check out the photo slideshow from WRAL’s Kelly Hinchcliffe.

RALEIGH, N.C. – Trying to sell a B2B company your product? KnowledgeTree has a solution for that. Have multiple email and social media accounts that are hard to keep track of? AnyCloud has an app for that. Want to target your online advertising more effectively? Adzerk has tools to help.

Triangle-based innovative mobile and data-related products to help banks, B2B marketers, consumers, marketers and charities were featured in one of two startup showcases at the last day of the CED Tech Venture Conference Wednesday at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Roots of Knowledge

KnowledgeTree, said Daniel Chalet, founder and CEO, helps B2B sales teams sell more. The Raleigh-based company, backed to the tune of $8 million by River Cities Capital Funds, Core Capital Partners, Hasso Plattner Capital and the Hatteras Funds, plans to raise another round in 2015.

Chalet noted that 95 percent of B2B buyers want sales people to educate and challenge them. Its technology helps B2B marketers tap the right content for the right customer at the right time to do just that.

“KnowledgeTree makes sure that highly relevant content gets pushed to the sales team at the right time during the buying process,” Chalet said. “We make sure the most effective content surfaces so they don’t have to hunt for it.”

The company also collects data on what content is actually used by sales prospects and the ROI on each content asset to establish a data-driven sales process.

Growing Charities

LIkeCharity, with teams in Raleigh and Dublin, Ireland, optimizes charity donor acquisition to help them scale their fund-raising and income. Founder Tadhg O’Toole pointed out that many charities spend millions on direct mail efforts to obtain far less than ideal levels of contributions. “Most charities still depend on paper,” O’Toole said.

They spend $48 billion a year on often ineffective fund-raising, often spending from $300 to $500 to acquire a donor who contributes a mere $15 a month.

Like Charity, picked by IBM at the CED event to join its Smart Camps program in Silicon Valley, creates “highly effective television advertising” that combines analytics, data, and a text-response number that increases viewer response by as much as 200 percent.

Get on My Cloud

AnyCloud, a Durham startup, wants to be “The one service that connects them all,” echoing Lord of the Rings. Founder and CEO Brian Jenkins notes that most of us have multiple email, social media and other accounts scattered all over the Internet. Its service, available in ad-supported freemium or $4 a month subscription or as Premium with Friends, connects all a users content, past and present as well as content shared with them by friends.

“It’s a meta-service portal that allows access to everything in one place,” said Jenkins.

The company, which has a small private beta open now, plans to launch the service in the next two months. It won an NC IDEA grant in June.

Going “Native”

Adzerk, also based in Durham, helps online publishers manage “native” ads, meaning those relevant to individual users rather than haphazardly slapped on a site as a banner ad. “Online advertising runs the entire Internet,” Jenkins said.

The company raised more than $1.5 million and currently serves more than 20 billion impressions a month. It saw a 1,900 percent increase in revenue last year and became profitable last summer.

On the Move

InMotionNow, based in Morrisville, was founded in 199 as Proof-it-Online. By 2012, the firm evolved into an end-to-end workflow solution for creative professionals and incorporated anew as InMotionNow.

It received funding from Madison River Ventures in 2011.

The product helps marketing and design teams manage workflow, organizing projects, collaboration, review and approvals and reports. Clients include Lord & Taylor, Disney, Clinique, Trader Joes’, Verizon, NASDAQ, Pep Boys and Habitat for Humanity.

It sees a wide-open market for its software, since half of creative teams don’t have a workflow management product in a market estimated at 26 billion by 2017.

Bank On It

nCino, based in Wilmington and launched in 2012, sells a bank operating system that improves day-to-day operations at community banks and credit unions. The product acts as the brain behind a bank or credit union operating system. It replaces reams of paper documents, providing easier access to the financial institutions, employees and regulators.

The company raised $21 million and is not looking for additional funding now, said Jonathan Rowe, director of marketing. It sees a $3.375 billion total market opportunity.