Verizon tops AT&T as the most reliable and fastest wireless service provider in the Triangle and across North Carolina, according to test data compiled by research firm RootMetrics.

AT&T, which topped the survey in 2013, did score best in texting.

Results in the Tar Heel state largely reflected the national findings from RootMetrics, which declared Verizon, the nation’s No. 1 wireless provider in terms of subscribers, the top provider overall.

“Verizon has done well with the quick deployment of their AWS [advanced wireless service] network,” RootMetrics President Bill Moore told Bloomberg news. “A year ago AT&T was speeding up, while Verizon was slowing down. There’s always an ebb and flow as new networks eventually carry more load.” 

Based in Bellevue, Wash., RootMetrics conducts tests twice a year around the country both indoors and outdoors.

RootMetrics data rated Verizon the best carrier overall across the state with a score of 96.1 vs. 90.8 for AT&T. Sprint ranked third at 80.1 and T-Mobile finished last at 74.1.

In the survey for the second half of 2013, AT&T led the way at 96.6 vs. 94.1 for Verizon.

Rankings for Durham and Raleigh markets largely reflected the statewide totals.

The N.C. Reliability rankings:

1. Verizon, 98

2. AT&T, 94.1

3. Sprint, 84.7

4. T-Mobile, 75.6

The N.C. Speed rankings:

1. Verizon, 89.6

2. AT&T, 81.8

3. Sprint, 65.3

4. T-Mobile, 65.1

The N.C. data rankings:

1. Verizon, 95.9

2. AT&T, 91

3. Sprint, 76.1

4. T-Mobile, 60.7

The N.C. Call Performance rankings:

1. Verizon, 96.9

2. AT&T, 89.9

3. Sprint, 81.4

4. T-Mobile, 78.8

The N.C. Text rankings:

1. AT&T, 93.6

2. Verizon, 93.2

3. Sprint, 91.7

4. T-Mobile, 86.1

More N.C. test results details and links to national results can be found online.