Editor’s note: Chris Heivly, co-founder of The Startup Factory{/a}} and his partner Dave Neal are looking for startups to become part of its next “cohort” of companies. In a blog post at his “Thoughts from the Rooftop” website, Heivly makes a TSF pitch other than listening to companies pitch to him.

DURHAM, N.C. - June 30th marks the end date for the Fall 2014 or 6th session of the Startup Factory. TSF is the only Triangle accelerator (defined as providing seed capital and mentorship) and has successfully operated since January of 2012. (I also ran the LaunchBox Digital accelerator here in the Fall of 2010 so I have been doing this for 4+ years.)

My partner Dave Neal and I dedicate 100% of our time to TSF and you can see us anytime in the American Underground @ATC or schedule some Open Office Hours through our website.

I bet you didn’t know that:

  • TSF has made 26 investments across 5 cohorts totaling $2.3m
  • TSF companies have averaged an additional $225k in funding once exiting the program
  • 14 of the 22 companies from cohort 1-4 have raised additional funding

Want to be part of TSF and supercharge your startup?

I bet you also didn’t know that:

  • 31% of the TSF companies have women founders, or
  • 28% of the TSF companies come from out of town (DC, NY, Chicago, Palo Alto)

Our seed investment program is focused on software technology companies but not exclusively.

We typically fund companies with multiple founders but there have been exceptions.

Many selected companies have applied before which shows us long-term passion and interest as well as progress.

Founders frequently ask me if they should apply. My answer – if you have to ask you are not ready. As a startup maven you should look to every resource possible to build your company. Let TSF decide whether you are ready – don’t take the decision out of our hands.

Check out this cool infographic [about how the TSF process works].   

You can apply online.

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Note: This blog was reprinted with permission.