NC JOBS Act supporters seemed pretty confident that intrastate crowdfunding would become state law this year, but that was before the spring legislative session began. An email circulating the entrepreneurial community over the weekend may make you question whether that’s really feasible considering all the other statewide decisions being made. But it may also prompt you to act.

The team, led by angel investor Mark Easley, is asking entrepreneurs and other crowdfunding enthusiasts to write and call their Senators immediately, in hopes bill H680 can hit the floor before the short session wraps up this month.

Here’s the plea for help and instructions on how to get involved:

We Need Your Help with H680, the North Carolina JOBS Act, which Enables Investment Crowdfunding in North Carolina

Dear friends and supporters of the North Carolina small business and startup communities:

The North Carolina JOBS Act enables a new way of funding startups and small business in our state known as intrastate investment crowdfunding. It enables both accredited and non-accredited North Carolina investors to participate in crowdfunded equity and debt offerings issued by North Carolina startups and small businesses. More details and FAQs about the bill can be found at We are in the final stages of making investment crowdfunding a reality here in North Carolina with the passage of H680, the North Carolina JOBS Act. It has already passed the NC House last session by a vote of 103 to 1. We need your help to push it over the finish line in the NC Senate.

Please call and email your expressions of support to the Senate Leadership and your own NC Senator. Instructions on contacting them can be found here.

As of today seven states—Kansas, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Washington, Indiana, and Alabama—have intrastate crowdfunding exemptions in place, four states—North Carolina, Florida, Texas and California—have legislation pending, and five more including Idaho, Colorado, Maine, Maryland and New Jersey are in various stages of considering the idea. Many more states are expected to join the intrastate investment crowdfunding movement because it grows the economy from the ground up and creates jobs locally. It is time for us to make it a reality here in North Carolina.

Also please email and tweet this post to your contacts in the startup and small business community.

Thanks for your consideration and support.
Mark Easley Sr.
The NC JOBS Act Team