Motorola’s closure of its Moto X smartphone assembly plant in Texas apparently won’t have any local impact on Raleigh-based Republic.

Motorola Mobility, the smartphone manufacturer that is being acquired by Lenovo, is closing the plant in Texas where its Moto X phones are manufactured.

Moto X phones are sold by Raleigh-based Republic Wireless.

“We have a supply of phones on hand and will continue receiving phones from Motorola,” a spokeman for the company told WRAL TechWire on Monday. “While the U.S. factory will be closed by the end of the year, Motorola has said it will continue building Moto X in factories across the world. We expect no disruption in our supply of Moto X smartphones.”

Asked about the story, Lenovo declined comment other than a brief statement.

“We have no comment on Motorola’s own independent business decision,” said Milanka Muecke, director of North America PR and Communications for Lenovo.

“It has no impact on Lenovo’s business strategy. We remain fully committed to our US operations, including our manufacturing facility in North Carolina. We also remain fully committed to our plans to grow and win with Motorola, as previously stated, once the acquisition is approved and closed,” she added.

Lenovo, which operates its executive headquarters in Morrisville, is still seeking regulatory approval for the deal.

The world’s No. 1 PC manufacturer and a rapidly growing smartphone producer envisions Motorola phones and brand as its beachead for products to be sold in North America.

The plant is located in Fort Worth.

On Friday, Motorola Mobility said it would shutter the factory by the end of 2014, barely a year after it opened with much fanfare as the first smartphone factory in the U.S.

Motorola Mobility spokesman Will Moss told The Associated Press that sales of its flagship handset the Moto X were too weak and the costs of running the plant too high to keep operations going.

Gov. Rick Perry and Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt were in attendance opening day. Also there was Mike McNamara, CEO of Flextronics Ltd., the Singapore-based international contract electronics manufacturer that runs the plant.

Moss says the factory employs about 700 workers who assemble the Moto X smartphones for the U.S. market. He declined to comment on whether Motorola would retain the workers.