Did you know there are 17 venture funds and venture banks in this region, and 15 organizations providing support for entrepreneurs?

What about the eight startup competitions or contests in town? Or the six incubators and co-working spaces?

Did you know the state has a fund for companies hiring high-tech jobs? Or that it matches the federal government’s SBIR and STTR grant awards?

There’s also a tax credit for companies developing interactive digital media.

All these startup and small business resources and more are listed in a new one-stop document created by the city of Raleigh and released online this week. The document is regional in nature, including support organizations and efforts throughout the Triangle.

Raleigh’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Manager Derrick Minor told me the document is part of his office’s ongoing attempt to support small and startup businesses in town. Earlier this month, a team from the office and some Raleigh entrepreneurs attended the South by Southwest conference in Austin and rented a table during the conference’s trade show. Their primary goal was talent attraction, to meet the needs of companies forming and growing here.

The resource guide aids the city’s efforts by answering the most commonly-asked questions of the city. Minor and his team are then available for follow-up questions, introductions and other needs.

A similar guide was created years ago by the Raleigh chamber of Commerce, but this one is up-to-date and with resources for anyone starting a company, from a new hair salon to a high-tech startup.

“We’re trying to create clear pathways for anyone interested in starting a company in Raleigh or even anyone that moves to the city and has an interest in these sorts of things,” Minor says.

The guide is comprehensive, and will be a help to this reporter. Check it out!