Leaving no stone unturned in its global search for more business, Lenovo is now offering trade-ins on “gently used” electronics from PCs to MP3 players with participants eligible for special financial offers.

The world’s No. 1 PC maker is manufacturing more tablets, smartphones and other devices than ever. New models of some kind are seemingly announced daily. To further boost its growth, Lenovo is hoping to attract new buyers and more repeat business with the trade-in partnership through NextWorth.

Lewis Broadnax, executive director for Lenovo.com, talked with WRALTechWire in an online Q&A about the program – its objectives and the reasons for doing in.

Even though margins are razor-thin in the PC business, Broadnax says the company is committed to “providing consumers choice.” He also says Lenovo believes the plan will encourage more recycling.

  • What are the primary factors behind Lenovo’s decision to do this? Do you believe this will bring new customers and non-Lenovo users to your product lineup?

There is a lot of choice in the market today and Lenovo is offering the customer more options by allowing them to dispose of old technology while acquiring the latest innovative products from Lenovo.

  • What will happen to equipment that is accepted as trade-in?

We are working with NextWorth who has a well-established process of handling products and disposing of them responsibly.

(In announcing the partnership, Dave Chen, CEO of NextWorth, explained: “Customers are more likely to upgrade their laptops and other electronics sooner when they receive money for older items, and our industry-leading pricing and easy-to-use interface put us ahead of the pack for partnering with Lenovo. We are looking forward to innovating the market with Lenovo and creating new-found value for customers.”)

  • Given that margins are tight in the PC business, can Lenovo offer discounts, etc. and maintain its profitability?

Lenovo is committed to providing consumers choice and creating a positive purchasing experience.

  • Why work with NextWorth?

We partnered with NextWorth because they are known for being a leader within their industry.

In announcing the partnership, Broadnax noted:

“As technology refreshes with greater frequency, our customers are looking for ways to future-proof their purchases as well as be environmentally sensitive. We have looked at various options and NextWorth offers a very effective service as well as a great user experience. We are looking forward to the benefits that our partnership with NextWorth will bring to our existing and future customers.”

On its website about the plan, Lenovo notes: “Lenovo and NextWorth have teamed up to allow you to trade in your gently-used electronics for a Lenovo eGift Card or Check*. Nobody provides more convenient ways to trade-in, trade-up or trade-out of their old devices. It’s easy. Get a quote, send it in to NextWorth, and get money towards your next purchase on Lenovo.com.”

Lenovo is offering multiple “special offers” that “change daily.”

For example, through Sept. 29, Lenovo was offering a $20 “bonus” for “competitive laptop” trade-ins.

More details about the Lenovo plan are available online.

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