The sword is called “a weapon to slay the unslayable,” and the latest story about its origins is getting world-wide media attention.

Having received plenty of international exposure at Apple’s new iPhone, device and software event earlier this week for the new “Infinity Blade III” mobile game, Epic Games and its ChAIR subsidiary unveiled on Friday a Hollywood-polished animated film about the game’s origins.

Actor John Noble – best known for roles in the TV series “Fringe” and “The Lord of the Rings – provides the voice for the film.

Delivering the slick 2 minute, 32 second film is Ben Hibon, a widely known animation director who has worked with the Harry Potter franchise among other works, and Axis Animation.

“We had the chance to work closely with ChAIR’s team on every aspect of the film. They shared with us so much passion and creative energy – this was a true collaborative effort that felt ever so rewarding,” Hibon said of the project.

The film can be viewed online.

The game goes on sale Sept. 18 in Apple’s iTune store.