Red Hat, (NYSE: RHT) aiming to establish itself in cloud software while simultaneously targeting Oracle’s position in virtualization, unveiled a pair of new offerings that the company believes will help the company do both.

The Raleigh open source software company on Wednesday announced its Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform for cloud users looking to build on their presence in the cloud; and Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, which will help companies make the transition from data center virtualization to Red Hat’s OpenStack cloud offering.

Red Hat (has spent the last year working with OpenStack, an international effort aimed at developing open source, cloud computing software. Speaking from the Red Hat Summit in Boston on Wednesday,

Paul Cormier, president, Red Hat products and technologies, said that the company’s goal is to span the data center with Red Hat’s products and platforms.

“We think we can really bring the masses on to this,” Cormier said.

Both products will become available in July.

For a long time, Oracle’s VMware was “the only game in town,” Cormier said. Cormier said that Red Hat’s development of its cloud offerings was reminiscent of the path of Linux, the open source software once regarded by some as too hard to use except for those companies with the most technical staffs. Linux is now widely accepted and used by a broad range of companies thanks in large part to Red Hat. Cormier said Red Hat could do the same for open source cloud software.

With the announcements, Red Hat has set its sights capturing business serving enterprise data centers, a stronghold of Oracle’s VMware. Cormier said Red Hat’s technology will be competitive with vSphere, Oracle’s cloud computing virtualization operating system. Customers will be able to get virtualization, OpenStack and cloud management for what they would pay for virtualization alone.

“It’s combination of the technology, the packaging and the pricing that’s going to change the game,” Cormier said.

Earlier at the summit, Red Hat launched other cloud services.

Red Hat operates its headquarters in Raleigh, N.C.