The City of Wilson will soon be offering residents and area businesses gigabit Internet speed – the first city in North Carolina to do so.

And unlike other cities such as Kansas City or Austin, Texas, which are working with Google or the Triangle, which only now is reviewing proposals for a gigabit network, Wilson is doing so through its own Greenlight Community Broadband service.

While Provo, Utah has given up on its own city operated network and sold it to Google, Greenlight is putting in place the equipment and support needed to launch gigabit service by “no later than July.”

“Since its inception, Greenlight has worked to provide reliable, affordable products that our customers need and to anticipate changes needed to keep our community at the forefront of technological advances,” said Will Aycock, Greenlight’s general manager. “We were the first in the state to offer Fiber to the Home for reliability and are pleased to continue expanding our network.”

Pricing has not yet been set.

The gigabit service will be optional.

Greenlight currently services 6,000 customers, including a mix of residential and business users. It also provides a free WiFi service in the city’s downtown area.

Greenlight is a fiber-to-the-home network.

“In January, the Federal Communications Commission issued a challenge to communities to provide gigabit service by 2015, and we’re proud to answer that challenge now,” Aycock said. “We are excited to launch our gigabit service and allow our customers to be the first in the state to experience such high speed Internet access. Ultra-high speed Internet will help position Wilson for the future and will provide our businesses and residents with the tools they need to succeed.”

Gigabit speeds are some 100 times faster than other high-speed Internet connections. 

Greenlight also offers television, high-definition television and phone service. Current pricing runs from $103 to $153 per month.