Loses for 2012 grew to $7.3 million from $6.1 million a year earlier as DARA BioSciences (Nasdaq: DARA) increased marketing and sales expenses to support its oncology product and services line. 

Losses amounted to 60 cents per share, DARA said Monday in its latest financial report. 

DARA raised some $2.5 million in a stock sale in March.

As of Dec. 31, the firm reported cash and cash equivalents of some $6.6 million.

“DARA believes that its currently available funds, together with projected sales of Soltamox and Gelclair in 2013, will enable the Company to fund its planned operations and to meet its obligations through at least December 31, 2013,” the company said. 

Soltasmox launched in October, and Gelclair is due to roll out in April. 

“2012 was a momentous year for DARA, specifically with the launch of our first drug, Soltamox, in the oncology market for patients with breast cancer,” said Dr. David Drutz, M.D., DARA’s chief executive officer. “It is a time of great pride and excitement for the Company, with Soltamox representing the first of what we expect will be many oncology and oncology supportive care treatments resulting from our combined development and acquisition strategy. With the launch of Gelclair for patients with oral mucositis scheduled for this month and the continued development of KRN5500 for painful chronic chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CCIPN), DARA is moving forward as a leader in the oncology and oncology supportive care market and executing against our corporate plan.”