Google Reader’s demise has sparked outrage from loyal users who want to save the service and the most popular comment on the online petition platform comes from North Carolina.

“I’ve been Google Reader for YEARS,” Patrick Knight of Hillsborough writes on the petition. “I literally have thousands of starred items. ‘Social Newsreading’ cannot COMPARE to the simplicity of RSS. Please, keep Reader around. The community, while smaller, is still very active.”

Knight’s comment tallied 523 “Likes” by this morning. So far, 131,602 people have signed the petition overall.

Google launched Reader in 2005 as a tool to help people track news and websites via RSS feeds. Last week, Google announced it would shutter Reader as part of a “spring cleaning.” Google cited declining usage as the reason. The service will end July 1.

The petition was started by a man named Dan Lewis from New York.

“Our confidence in Google’s other products – Gmail, YouTube, and yes, even Plus – requires that we trust you in respecting how and why we use your other products,” Lewis writes in the petition. “This isn’t just about our data in Reader. This is about us using your product because we love it, because it makes our lives better, and because we trust you not to nuke it.”

Click here for the full petition, including Knight’s comment.