As for the show itself, it starts in 1975 and goes to the recent present, with Gates as the underdog and Jobs as the revolutionary. It’s got a Monty Python and Robot Chicken feel to it, with satire weaving laughs into the history of Silicon Valley.

Were just now starting to celebrate nerd culture, but attempts like the awful-looking TBS pseudo-reality vehicle King of the Nerds and the just plain awful closer-to-reality Bravo disaster Start-Ups: Silicon Valley have been off the mark and, thankfully for one, short-lived.

As Levin put it: “There’s so much out there that celebrates the American idiot. This is celebrating the American genius. There’s a positive message attached to it.”

The NC Theatre production of NERDS opened Friday and runs to February 3rd at the A.J. Fletcher Theater in Raleigh. Startup night is Jan 31, with Offline Media making tickets available at a substantial discount.