My goal is for ExitEvent to be the first place entrepreneurs check into every morning, web or mobile, to get an update on what’s going on around them. It’s not there yet, of course, but it’s getting closer than I’d ever thought it would be.

There is no Social in December. This is on purpose so I could take the time to start building out more site features to keep the interaction going between Socials. I’m preventing event fatigue and making the web more useful at the same time.

New feature #1 came about because a number of entrepreneurs have been asking to write guest posts. So now I’m allowing any verified entrepreneur or investor to quickly and easily post content to their company profiles, which I can potentially use as a pipeline for elevation to ExitEvent News.

It’s live now. Just log in (you must be verified), and on the left nav you’ll see a Post Something link. It’s simple to use, and the instructions are right there for you.

As long as you are attached to a startup or investment firm, you can add posts about your company news, your opinions, how-tos, thought leadership, whatever you’d like to see on your profile.

Initially, this lets people see activity on your profile, along with articles we write about you, and your Twitter feed. Another goal is to keep your profile as current as possible with the richest information about your company without you having to keep coming back and adding to it.

While everyone will see the headlines of your articles, only members of ExitEvent will be able to read the posts, so you’ll have a comfortably closed and targeted audience. However, we’ll be scanning each post — and the number of people who read it, which will be a true barometer, since readers must be logged in — to look for articles we can run as news on the front page with the appropriate social hype and feed out to Google News.

If you look at some of the social numbers on these posts, you can see the kind of traffic we can generate.

Recent post about NC IDEA Grant Winners

Guest Post by GetZeek cofounder Matthew Davis that I used to test this feature

And a new thing I’m trying, Review Fridays, where we review technology & products including startup products (see the awesome comments).


Obviously, if we’re going to publish your post on ExitEvent News, we’d want the post to be unique, but otherwise, post whatever you want (we do reserve the right to kill stuff that goes over the edge).

If you’d like to see your article published as an ExitEvent News Article, the main thing you need to know is that we’re looking for news told in a unique way.

Thus, anything about your startup, the local startup scene, or the national startup scene that you think is a unique, universal, and informative is probably a good start. 400-800 words is a good length.

For your startup, new funding, new product launches, awards, accomplishments, acheivements of any kind. We also dig how-to. We like a broad scope, so be sure to include the big picture.

We won’t republish press releases. We need some inside insight. The more from the entrepreneurs themselves, the better.

For the local and national startup scene, trends and an aggressive opinion are always helpful. Oh, and have a sense of humor.

We also do product and service reviews, provided those products and services are in-line with our mission.

If you’ve got ideas or questions, OR if you’ve got news you’d rather have us cover, shoot us an email at news[at] and we’ll be happy to advise.