As election day in November nears and the political fervor reaches fever levels, FiveOneNine Games is rolling out a video game for Facebook that is designed to put players in charge of the campaign process.

Called “Campaign Story,” the title is designed to let players “release their inner politician.”

FiveOneNine Games, which is a joint venture between EW Scripps Company and Capitol Broadcasting (the parent of WRAL News), launched the game Thursday.

Campaign Story players can pick a slogan, campaign to gain popularity and interact with “friends” across the Facebook community in a bid to become the “Mayor” and then seek to climb the political ladder to the presidency.

Players create an avatar, name, slogan and then can play “clean or dirty.”

“Learning how to spin is key to succeeding in Campaign Story,” the company notes.

“We are excited to launch our second title, Campaign Story,” said Lloyd Melnick, chief executive officer of FiveOneNine Games. “With campaign season upon us, Campaign Story is a great way to let your inner politician out, campaign how you want and connect to something that is fun and socially relevant.”`

FiveOneNine Games focuses on social games for iOS, Android, Facebook and other platforms. It also has published “Political Rampage.”

Epic Games, which is based in Cary, launched its own political game on Wednesday. Titled “Vote!,” it is designed for play on Apple iOS mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.