Four North Carolina-based companies have been selected to present to potential investors at the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Bio Conference.

Further increasing North Carolina’s exposure, the N.C. Biotechnology Center is a new strategic partner for the conference, which is in its eighth year.

The N.C. firms selected to present are:

• Arbovax
• Katharos
• MXBioDevices
• Trana Discovery

The conference is set for Sept. 27-28.

Some 22 companies have been selected to make presentations.

The Mid-Atlantic Venture Association, the Virginia Biotechnology Association and the Tech Council of Maryland put on the event.

“Emerging Growth” presenters include:

• ADial Pharmaceuticals LLC, Charlottesville, VA
• Adlyfe, Inc., Rockville, MD
• ALung Technologies, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
• Arbovax Inc., Raleigh, NC
• Celek Pharmaceuticals LLC, Rockville, MD
• Cellphire, Inc., Rockville, MD
• MaxCyte, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD
• Plasmonix, Inc., Baltimore, MD
• Psyadon Pharmaceuticals, Germantown, MD
• Suspension Orthopaedic Solutions, Inc., Arnold, MD
• Theranostics Health, Inc., Rockville, MD
• Xdynia, Charlottesville, VA

“First Look” presenters are:

• AllTranz Inc., Baltimore, MD
• BOSS Medical LLC, Baltimore, MD
• CC Biotech LLC, Rockville, MD
• Katharos, Inc., Raleigh, NC
• Melanovus Oncology, Inc., Hummelstown, PA
• Metabiomics Corp, Potomac Falls, VA
• MxBiodevices, LLC, Greenville, NC
• Remedium Technologies, Inc., College Park, MD
• SynAm Vaccine, Rockville, MD
• Trana Discovery, Inc., Cary, NC

The conference will take place in Bethesda, Md.