BoostSuite now is on its way to becoming a financial success – or so its founders hope.

After weeks of beta testing and implementing many changes, the Durham-based startup led by iContact co-founder Aaron Hougton has gone “live” with the commercial version of what he calls “a small business owner’s best friend.”

“BoostSuite represents a whole new way to attract new users to a website, even if you don’t know where to start,” Houghton told The Skinny a few weeks back. “We are changing the skills necessary to be a successful online marketer.”

The startup’s secret sauce is helping small and medium businesses want to find ways to spend less time and money while at the same time improving lead generation, thus sales.

The ready-for-business version of BoostSuite starts at a cost of $19 per month. A free version is also available.

After the beta test, BoostSuite added 100 new features, Houghton says.

The goal is to help customers turn websites instantly into a true sales lead generator. More than 1,200 business owners participated in the beta test.

BoostSuite claims “small business owners no longer have to tolerate the high cost and risk that comes with complex web marketing software tools and expert consultants” if they sign up for its service.

In a blog, BoostSuite spells out 10 changes made for the commercial version:

  • Streamlined Suggestion Workflow from its “Suggestion Stream”
  • Conversion Tracking 
  • Immediate Suggestion Verification Feedback 
  • New Suggestion Types 
  • Webmaster Tasks
  • Bi-Weekly Top Opportunities Email 
  • 24/7 BoostSuite Tracker Monitoring 
  • Account Subscription Management 
  • Ability to Hide Pages From “Suggestion Stream”
  • Page Statuses

NC Idea has already granted Houghton and partner Daniel Smith with a non-dilutive grant. The company also will be presenting at the upcoming CED Tech Venture conference.