A new company has emerged from the remains of Zenph Sound Innovations.

Simply called Zenph, Inc., the venture is built around technology created by Zenph and its new focus is as a platform for online learning of music rather than recreating the music of past artists.

Intersouth Partners, an investor in the original Zenph, is backing the new venture as the lead in a $900,00 round of financing.

Zenph’s lead product is known as ZOEN, the Zenph Online Education Network.

“The ZOEN brings you the all the advantages of live online music instruction in one simple, easy-to-use package,” Zenph says at its website. “We will help you market yourself on the internet and in our online community, find and match you with the right students, manage billing and payments, and deliver live lessons through the ZOEN (using technology developed here at Zenph) without having to turn to solutions like Skype lessons that were never created for music instruction.”

Kirk Owen, Zenph’s chief executive officer, sees online music learning as a big market opportunity. 

“The $1.3 trillion education industry is quickly adopting digital delivery models which are fundamentally changing the way we learn. The ZOEN delivers online music learning through personal interaction with a live instructor,” Owen said in announcing the company’s relaunch. “It is designed to get people playing the music they love by giving them easy access to quality teachers and learning content that is centered on the lesson experience.”

A key player in the firm is Phil Amalong, the “guide” to the ZOEN who is vice president of community and content.

Amalong is a pianist, soloist, chamber musician, recording artist, producer and entrepreneur. He led the keyboard program at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was Chair of the Department of Music. Amalong also led the college’s first online course offerings

ZOEN will deliver a variety of services through a software-as-a-service model.

Zenph acquired intellectual property, patents, musical learning software and digital signal processing from Zenph Sound Innovations. The online learning network was announced by Zenph in June.