Network storage device maker NetApp (Nasdaq: NTAP) turned in a quarter that topped Wall Street analysts’ expectations for profits, and investors reacted by driving up shares 3.5 percent immediately in after-hours trading.

The company, which operates one of its largest campuses in RTP and recently announced plans to add 460 jobs there, reported quarterly profits were 42 cents, 4 cents above predictions.

Revenues came in slightly under expectations at $1.45 billion. Analysts had projected $1.46 billion.

Revenues were down slightly from a year earlier and profits were down 13 cents.

“NetApp produced non-GAAP earnings per share above and revenue in line with our prior guidance. In Q1, we announced further innovations in Data ONTAP 8.1 that will enable customers to achieve an agile data infrastructure environment to cope with their dynamic business requirements,” said Tom Georgens, NetApp’s chief executive officer, in  a statement.

“We continue to deliver on multiple fronts, advancing our technology and partnerships,” he added. “With our best-of-breed partnering strategy and ongoing innovation-led solutions, we enable our customers to scale their business without limits.”