A company in the solar power system business says it will add 305 jobs and invest $27 million at a new plant in Shelby while also locating its U.S. headquarters there.

Schletter, a builder of solar power mounting systems, could receive some $3.5 million in tax incentives and rebates if all the jobs are created by the end of 2016.

The state awarded Schletter a One North Carolina Fund grant of $630,000.

Such grants require at least a local match.

Schletter also is eligible to receive nearly $3 million in state income tax withholding rebates if the job targets are met. 

The firm also operates a production facility in Arizona and says it provides 25 percent of such solar systems in the U.S.

“The decision to locate a manufacturing facility in North Carolina was primarily based on providing improved services for our East Coast customers; faster delivery of our products, and reduced logistics costs,” said Ludwig Schletter, owner of the Schletter Corporation. “We will never lose sight of our goals which include remaining a competitive force in the market while providing the highest quality product.”

The jobs will pay average wages of $40,660 plus benefits.