Dr. David Fried, a former IBM executive with 45 patents to his credit, is the new chief technology officer at Cary-based Coventor.

The company focuses on semiconductor and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) fabrication and manufacturing technology.

Fried will oversee Coventor’s rollout of its SEMulator 3-D virtual fabrication offering.

At IBM, Fried filled a number of different roles, including advances in semiconductors as chips were reduced in size from 65 nanometers/ He most recently was 22 nanometer chief technologist at Big Blue. Fried earned a PhD in electrical engineering at Cornell. 

“David is one of the foremost authorities on leading-edge process development and understands deeply how advanced modeling and automation technology can be used to further evolve semiconductor manufacturing,” said Mike Jamiolkowski, Coventor’s chief executive officer. “With the continued move to new topologies and more exotic materials and techniques for enabling the scaling of process geometries our SEMulator3D solution is well-positioned to address large market opportunities. We are pleased to have such an expert leading our efforts in this area.”