E-procurement services firm SciQuest (Nasdaq: SQI) is rolling out a series of upgrades to its suite of software-as-a-service offerings. And customers helped shape those changes.

So writes SciQuest’s Jason Liner in the company’s “Open Kitchen” blog.

“Three times a year we offer new product upgrades to our customers. Under their current licensing agreements, all SciQuest customers have access to the new features available in these upgrades, without any additional costs,” Liner writes.

“In our newest software enhancements, we’re pleased to provide an improved shopping experience, more robust reporting functionality and streamlined purchasing processes. We’ve included improved searching capabilities that enable customers to find and access past purchase orders, invoices and other essential materials much faster. And the enhanced reporting functionality allows our users to better understand the full purchasing cycle and identify areas for improvement. If you’re thinking these are exactly the features you need to help your organization’s purchasing become more strategic, we know! You asked, and we delivered.”

To better listen to customers, SciQuest has expanded the number of development teams to 13 from six, Liner adds. They are ”focused on translating customer feedback into valuable product enhancements.”