Figuring out how to best navigate your way down to the core in actual gameplay can be a bit tricky until you get the hang of it. In actual gameplay, you will be traversing a rotatable 3D ball with many layers, which are destroyed by placing jig saw pieces in the right open spaces- so yes, it has a touch of a learning curve. I like to call it the flashy disco ball (especially when I’m nodding my head to catchy techno-hop music tunes).

Once you get past the learning curve to master the slightly finicky movement controls, the game becomes dangerously addictive. The controls become intuitive, and you start dancing around the puzzle space like a teen raver dosed on E. Start blowing out pieces of the puzzle with programs like ‘electric burst’ or ‘pulse spark’, and then you really have a party.

Nakai has created an impressive title that has updatable content in the pipeline. It has tight/fast gameplay, slick techy art aesthetic, and that addictive quality about it that every great puzzle game should have- 4.5 of 5.

Unfortunately (for now), it is iPad only for release, but hopefully we’ll see this gem coming to other platforms in the near future.