This is the phone I ended up keeping. And it all comes down to the size. The Incredible was always implied as an iPhone copy, and this version, while packing almost all of the power of the S3, is just slightly bigger than the iPhone.

I love my phone. I’m that guy. But I’m giving up screen resolution. I’m giving up the great camera. I’m giving up some battery life. I’m giving up a lot of style and design.

But technology-wise, the playing field is nearly level, for now. So when it comes to the S3 vs. the Incredible, I’m not giving up a great camera for a crappy camera, I’m giving up a great camera for an average camera, so there’s a value-based decision to make.

Average camera vs. uncomfortable pants.

And it’s not that the iPhone is bad at the things that the S3 is good at, but there is a new user type to contend with. Apple had a huge advantage converting feature phone users, Blackberry users, and I’d even argue early Android users — but take a die-hard Android current and give him or her an iPhone and there are things they are going to miss.

Like the keyboard. Or widgets. And not that these are game-changers but they are things that we are already used to, and that, I believe, is going to be the determining factor is choosing a handset.

For the foreseeable future, these are the parameters of the decision-making process, not how awesome the streamed preview of 21 Jump Street looks or the quality vs. quantity argument of the apps. Or Siri. Or G-Noise or whatever the Android version is.

The Best Smartphone in the World is going to be the one that works for you.