TechCrunch, the popular Silicon Valley-based website, brought its southeast “MeetUp” tour to the Triangle on Tuesday – and the turnout was huge.

So big, in fact, the event was moved to the Bay 7 venue at the American Tobacco Historic District from its originally scheduled location.

Turnout was estimated at between 500 and 600 people.

John Biggs, East Coast Editor for TechCrunch, spoke to the crowd. Jordan Crook and Matt Burns from TechCrunch also attended.

The tour continues tonight with a stop in Charlotte.

 ”TechCrunch is doing some stops around the South and wanted a Triangle location. We grabbed them,” Billy Warden of the media relations firm GBW Associates, told WRAL Tech Wire when news broke about the event.

“The interest has been huge. TC definitely has an allure for tech companies large and small. Should be an interesting night!”

The 500-plus crowd is huge – reminiscent of the “Deck Parties” thrown in the past by Tech Journal South.

Tech entrepreneurs often crave publicity – for fund raising, marketing and in some cases ego gratification. Making the TechCrunch blog is high on the list.