Ziptronix, a spinoff from RTI International, has signed a patent licensing deal for use in development of a “high-volume consumer” cellphone application.

The deal is an example of Ziptronix semiconductor bonding technology’s suitability for multiple types of uses, the company says.

“Device manufacturers recognize the value of this technology for a growing range of applications beyond image sensors,” said Daniel Donabedian, CEO of Ziptronix. “We are in licensing discussions with companies around the world for a variety of applications, including next-generation 3D memory stacking and advanced imagers that target true 3D IC integration.”

The name of the new customer was not disclosed.

The company also declined to disclose the value of the contract.

Among Ziptronix recent customers is Sony, which licensed its technology for use in digital cameras.

Ziptronix is focused on three-dimensional integration technology for semiconductors. RTI, Grotech Capital and Alliance Technology Ventures are among investors in the firm. The company has raised some $35 million in financing.