North Carolina’s fledgling renewable fuels industry is getting a $1.5 million boost.

The Biofuels Center of North Carolina on Monday awarded nearly $1.5 million in grants for 12 projects across the state with the goal of growing the state’s biofuels sector.

Grants are going to a mix of academic, government and nonprofit groups.

“The projects directly address immediate needs of the statewide biofuels sector – biomass economics, efficient fuel development, soil science, wildlife sustainability, and waste-to-fuels conversion – and also reflect its decentralized nature, contributing to western, central, and eastern communities alike,” Biofuels Center Chief Executive Officer Steven Burke said. “In range and impact, the projects also verify why North Carolina has become quickly a credible national site for biofuels.”

The projects and grant totals:

• North Carolina’s Role in the Global Biomass Energy Market, $75,000, UNC-Chapel Hill

• The Economic Impact of Biomass Alternatives on North Carolina’s Economy, $50,000, UNC-Chapel Hill

• Arundo donax Response to Nitrogen in Central Piedmont Soils, $568,601, N.C. State University

• Evaluating Biomass Harvesting Practices with Respect to Wildlife Sustainability, $100,000, N.C. State University

• Suitability of NC Piedmont Soils for Bioenergy Crop Production (Year 2), $47,346, N.C. State University

• Modeling Impacts of Biomass Production on Landscapes and Wildlife, $98,038, N.C. State University

• Biodiesel Feedstock Harvesting and Production Improvements, $100,000, Catawba County

• Increasing Biofuels Production and use at Haywood Community College and Haywood County Materials Recovery Center, $15,770, Haywood Community College

• Delivering an Enzyme-based Solution for the North Carolina Biodiesel Industry, $99,994, Chatham County Economic Development Corporation

• Integrating Ethanol Production with Muncipal Waste Management in Catawba County, $95,200, UNC-Charlotte

• City of Raleigh: Assessment of Energy Crop Production at Wastewater Treatment Facilities, $100,000, City of Raleigh

• Accelerating the Western North Carolina Biofuels Industry, $130,000, AdvantageWest Economic Development Group