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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Some information technology skills remain in high demand even as overall IT job openings have declined in each of the last two months, according to the “IT Job Trends” report from the North Carolina Technology Association.

An accompanying report from The Select Group of “IT Workforce Market Analysis” notes that the national unemployment rate for some “common tech jobs” remains far below the national unemployment rate. 

Overall, tech unemployment is 4.4 percent, says tech jobs website

The national jobless rate is 8.2 percent, and North Carolina remains one of the hardest-hit jobs states with unemployment above 9 percent. Even in the high-tech Triangle, joblessness is well above 7 percent.

But look at these numbers, according to Dice and as cited by Select Group:

Job skill, jobless rate:

  • Network architects, 0.5 percent
  • Database administrators, 0.8 percent
  • Computer and information systems managers, 2.4 percent
  • Computer systems analysts, 2.7 percent
  • Programmers, 3.6 percent
  • Web developers, 3.6 percent
  • Software developers, 4.4 percent
  • Network and systems administrators, 5.7 percent
  • Computer support specialists, 6.3 percent

As we noted recently, a new Manpower report says 49 percent of employers are having trouble finding qualified workers despite the fact millions across the U.S. are out of work.

These high-tech jobless rates point out quite clearly the mismatch between work force needs and work force preparation.

The NCTA IT Jobs Trends Report with data provided by talent management firm SkillProof lists hundreds of job openings for specific skills:

  • SQL, 770
  • Windows OS, 750
  • Java, 720
  • Unix, 700
  • C++/V++, 650
  • Linux, 650
  • Business Analysis, 580
  • Oracle DBMS, 550
  • Large system technologies, 500
  • Microsoft SQL Server, 460
  • Perl, 430
  • Virtualization technology, 430
  • XML, 340
  • CCIE, 310
  • Web services, 280

While over IT job openings were down 8 percent in May from April, the numbers were up sharply in Unix (who says Unix is dead?), C++/V++, Linux and virtualization (up from 250).

Citrix and are planning to hire in Raleigh. Red Hat continues to grow.

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