The early reviews are in – and they are 4 stars out of 4 for Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X1 Carbon ultrabook, just one of a new series of laptops featuring the latest Intel chips on Tuesday.

It’s bigger than the previous X1 with a larger screen.

Yet it’s lighter (under 3 pounds) and thinner.

It can recharge in 30 minutes.

The inner rollcage is made of tough carbon fiber, thus the Carbon nickname.

It’s loaded with 3G wireless access capability through multiple providers.

And more.

Gottabemobile reports: “I got to go hands-on with the ThinkPad X1 Carbon and absolutely loved how it felt. The keyboard is 100% ThinkPad and it feels even lighter than it looks. Those considering a 12″ business notebook such as the ThinkPad X220 will want to at least take a look at the X1 Carbon before making a decision.”

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Says Engadget: “[F]olks, this isn’t your typical refresh. The X1, once a 13-inch system, has grown up into a 14-inch ultraportable, now being marketed as an Ultrabook. Despite gaining an inch in screen real estate, though, it manages to be both thinner and lighter than its predecessor: 3.0 pounds and roughly 18mm (.71 inches) thick, down from 3.7 pounds / .84 inches. (As the name suggests, carbon fiber is the secret ingredient.)”

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Adds TechCrunch: “It is, in a word, spectacular. The Chinese company proves time and time again that Apple isn’t the only company capable of producing class-leading designs. Lenovo’s 14-inch X1 Carbon … is everything an anti-MacBook Air should be. If there was ever a true MacBook Air competitor, or, if you will, a notebook that lives up to the ultra part of the Ultrabook name, it’s the new Lenovo X1 Carbon.”

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Reports Cnet: “The new ThinkPad X1 Carbon, curiously, has nearly the same name as last year’s ThinkPad X1, even though the differences are fairly dramatic. Unlike the previous laptop, which was more of a slimmed-down ThinkPad, the carbon-fiber 2012 ThinkPad X1 is a true 14-inch ultrabook that claims to be the world’s lightest at that size (3 pounds). A 1,600×900-pixel resolution screen, carbon fiber roll-cage, 3G broadband, and the return of last year’s Rapid Charge battery (which charges the battery up to 80 percent in 30 minutes) round out the features.”

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Lenovo touts the X1 as the “lightest professional ultrabook.”

“We crafted the ThinkPad X1 Carbon with premium carbon fiber material in order to make it incredibly thin and light, yet durable,” said Lu Yan, senior vice president, Think Product Group, Lenovo. “Our new ThinkPad laptop portfolio embodies much of the innovative thinking exemplified in the X1 Carbon, such as a backlit keyboard, super-bright high definition display, Dolby® Home Theatre® and rich communications features that balance business performance with personal use.”

The X1 Carbon was not the only new product Lenovo announced Tuesday.

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Lenovo, the world’s No. 2 PC manufacturer, operates its executive headquarters in Morrisville.