Appia, the Durham-based provider of a global marketplace and storefronts for mobile application developers, is offering more ways for developers to cash in on their creations.

The additions include:

A Pay Pall Install advertising service

Support for Google Play

“Over the past twelve months, we’ve seen proof of our open app marketplace platform strategy with the explosive growth of our user base. This growth has allowed Appia to identify a major opportunity helping publishers and advertisers improve customer targeting, acquisition, and retention,” says Jud Bowman, Appia’s founder and chief executive officer. “Our robust advertising network now represents one of the largest platforms available to developers for targeted user acquisition, and we’re excited to announce support for Google Play along with expanding the services designed to promote and facilitate downloads, while vastly improving ROI and advertising effectiveness.”

Appia works with developers worldwide and says its service has delivered more than 15 million apps installations over the past year since it launched a pay per download service.

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