Friday, May 11, marked the 15-year anniversary of IBM’s chess-playing supercomputer, Deep Blue’s victory over a reigning world chess champion.

Wikipedia notes: ”On May 11, 1997, the machine won the second six-game match against world champion Garry Kasparov by two wins to one with three draws. Kasparov accused IBM of cheating and demanded a rematch, but IBM refused and dismantled Deep Blue. Kasparov had beaten a previous version of Deep Blue in 1996.”

To commemorate the event, IBM Research scientist Dr. Murray Campbell, one of the original developers, talked about the challenges and breakthroughs of building Deep Blue in a video and a website.

As the website The Verge notes: ”Capable of calculating over 100 million chess positions per second, Deep Blue reset expectations for what was possible with a computer, setting the stage for IBM’s Jeopardy champion Watson and its new goal to simulate the entire human brain.”

Watch the video here.

IBM employs some 10,000 people across North Carolina.