By WRAL Tech Wire

DURHAM, N.C. – The growing demand for energy-efficient LED lighting solutions combined with increasingly stringent energy and building codes require an advanced level of lighting and control integration.

On Thursday, Cree Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) announced an agreement with Lutron Electronics to embed Lutron EcoSystem technology on a chip in Cree luminaires to help accelerate LED adoption and increase energy efficiency for building designers, contractors and owners.

The combination of LED technology from Cree with proven energy control strategies from Pennsylvania-based Lutron yields one the world’s most energy-efficient commercial troffer lighting control and delivery system. The solution introduces digital intelligence to the control of Cree LED luminaires that is backed by Lutron to ensure performance of the system as a whole.

According to the companies, by using Lutron energy management solutions, Cree LED lighting can significantly reduce building owners operating costs while also significantly extending the LED lifetime through dimming features previously not available with LEDs. This allows more flexibility to reconfigure and improve the occupant experience in any space.

According to Cree analysis, Cree CR Troffers equipped with Lutron EcoSystem technology can increase luminaire lifetime up to 50 percent and substantially increase lumen maintenance factors. This calculation is for typical buildings with Lutron lighting control systems, where the average output level of troffers is around 70 percent when typical lighting efficiency strategies such as daylight harvesting, personal control and high-end trim are used.

The first products to feature embedded Lutron EcoSystem technology are the Cree CR Series of LED troffers with other products to follow. The first products are scheduled for shipment this summer.