If you think you have an energy-hogging appliance in your house, Raleigh-based Sensus may be able to help you find it.

Consumers whose utility provider are utilizing smart grid services from Sensus can soon monitor the energy used by individual devices in their homes.

And they can even do it from their mobile phones with a special “app” or PC through web portals.

Sensus on Tuesday announced a licensing deal with Navetas Energy Management through which Sensus will provide single-device measurement capability to its utllity clients. They in turn can offer consumers a chance to track just how much power their refrigerator, PC or TV or air conditioner is consuming.

The deal grants Sensus, a provider of smart metering and smart grid services, exclusivity in the U.S. 

In exchange, Sensus invested $8 million in the company and gained a 15 percent ownership stake, the website GrowthBusiness in the U.K. reported.

Sensus believes the Navetas software combined with its own FlexNet smart grid metering service will enabled consumers to better manage their energy use and save money.

“Many utilities offer online portals that allow customers to see their aggregate electricity consumption,” said Matt Zafuto, vice president of corporate strategy and business development at Sensus, in a statement. “Our technology allows the customer to see disaggregated data such as the electricity consumed by a water heater in the basement or a toaster oven in the kitchen and know how much each device costs them to operate.

“The game changer,” he added, “is that utilities will be able to offer this service through the advanced metering infrastructure system without their customers having to purchase or install equipment in the premises to gather and present the data.”

Navetas has deployed the technology in the U.K. and in Europe.