Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) said Tuesday that it has bought business software company Clerity Solutions, the PC maker’s latest bet on cloud computing.

The Round Rock, Texas, based company did not say how much it was paying for Clerity.

Cloud computing is meant to save money and space by letting businesses keep their technology in far-flung data centers rather than on individual machines on-site. Workers can then retrieve computer programs and documents from any device that’s connected to the Internet.

Clerity’s technology helps companies migrate from older computer networks to new IT systems, including cloud computing. Clerity said its services help customers automate that transition, which it says can cut down on the cost and time of retesting systems and retraining IT workers.

“Unlike other providers, Dell remains committed to open architecture computing and to helping our customers implement optimal platforms for their applications,” said Steve Schuckenbrock, president of Dell Services. “Increasingly, these x86 platforms are enabling super-scale cloud environments, and the addition of Clerity gives us a clear advantage in helping customers modernize and migrate their applications off outdated hardware infrastructure to more current architectures.”

Clerity was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Chicago. Dell said it welcomed Clerity’s 70 employees to its services division.

On Monday, Dell said it planned to buy Wyse Technology, another cloud computing company.

Dell is the world’s No. 3 PC manufacturer, ranking behind HP at No. 1 and Lenovo at No. 2.

Both Dell and HP are broadening beyond PC and other hardware to embrace software and related services.

“Dell has taken significant steps over the past three years to expand its services capabilities to help customers manage the increasing complexity of IT, including the ability to support growing volumes of data, streamline processes and ease the transition to cloud-based solutions,” Dell said in announcing the Clerity deal.