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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Virginia Rometty, IBM, female CEO, The Augusta National, no female members, and The Masters make for a powerful topic. The Skinny column calling for IBM to take a stand and demand that Rometty be made a wearer of the green jacket sparked feedback (which was requested), and the responses make for interesting reading.

The writers aren’t identified, and some responses have been edited slightly (in one case, for a comment made that was too graphic for most readers to find comfortable).

Here we go …

The Stupidity …

“Wow I cannot believe the stupidity of this culture…It is a MEN’S Golf club…get it men, not sexist, you can play there as a woman it is simply a men’s club.

“Do you not think there are any women’s only clubs in the US?

“Maybe not golf clubs but various associations etc. where the membership is women only. You can start at see if you can be a member, you will be appalled and calling for CEO’s everywhere to ban together and let us men in!!!

“Augusta wants to maintain their rights to have a certain membership, why is this so appalling? It does not receive any public funds, it certainly does not perform any life or death services … it is simply a golf course

“Get over yourself.” 

No Place for Women

“I’m not a big golf guy but I’ve entertained many a client at The Masters. And I can tell you, that is no place for women.

“I’d rather they not even be there at all much less be part of the club. I know that’s terrible to say but the tournament and club is very much a ‘guy’s thing.”‘  

“If you’ve gone, then you understand what I am saying.”

Have a Right …

“They are a private club and have that right to only admit men. There are plenty of female-only organizations and such, and nobody calls that sexist.

“I think people make too much of this for their own political gain. IBM will only make it a big deal if the image of the company takes a hit. They really do not care until then, no matter who is Chairman/Chairwoman.

“Well written article but labelling them as sexist as a group is disingenuous at best, and is exactly what racists do – they make assumptions based on race. Do u think Tiger, Mickelson are sexist? They are members … Jack and Arnold too?

“People need to get over their hypersensitivity these days…and stop labelling people for exercising their rights to admit whoever they want. Are they harming or slandering women? …

“Labor laws in China is not even a good comparison. Good article but people do too much of telling others how to live their lives.” 

Case Closed

“Augusta National is a private club. They do not have to allow woman as members. Case closed!”

Trash the Constitution …

“I will preface I don’t care if they do or don’t. But (apocolypse)? please this is Augusta national, they don’t care what the world thinks, I thank god there are people helping to kill PC.

“This is a private club, so lets trash the constitution and get rid of freedom of association. This is one of a dozen men only clubs FYI.

“Hit em in the pocket book? Oh man you are crackin me up, dude. They are rich they don’t need the money. That is why the last time it came up , they released all sponsors from their contracts, thats right commercial free.

“No one is saying she can’t play golf so her equal rights are not violated. My uncle’s boss was a member, trust me they don’t care what you think or I or anyone thinks. What Hootie said, is in stone. Now they may decide to do it, that Hootie is gone. The course is only open about 6 months of the year. I do love your tech column, that hybrid wireless system column was great.

“Trust me, AN has no problem with a showdown, lots of women come to this tournament, guess what ? They don’t care either, and we know that cuz they buy tickets and drop 5 large a night on Washington Ave for a Hampton Inn.

“Rights over money? Private club is a private club—freedom of association. If she wanted to start a womens only —I would give her a golf clap.. I see it as freedom over feel good PC. So now the big list, what about — Elks club, shriners , free masons, odd fellows. and other private men only clubs with no golf.

“Why no outrage with these guys, cuz they are not on CBS.

“Do you play golf?”

(Note: Yes, I do – on occasion. And I love to watch all the Majors.)

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