Someone other than Tiger Woods may dominate headlines at The Masters next week.

That someone is a she.

Virginia “Ginni” Rometty is the first female CEO of IBM. (NYSE: IBM).

Big Blue is one of the three sponsors of the Masters golf tournament.

The Augusta National Golf Club, which hosts the Masters next week, is a men’s-only club.

So will Ms. Rometty be allowed to wear one of the fabled “green jackets” like those presented to the Masters champion?

Describing what it calls a “quandry,” Bloomberg news reports Augusta “has historically invited the chief executive officer of IBM, one of three Masters sponsors. Since the company named Rometty to the post this year, Augusta will have to break tradition either way.”

Bloomberg points out: “The [sponsoring] companies’ male CEOs have been able to don the club’s signature green member blazers while hosting clients. Non-members, who don’t wear the jackets, must be accompanied by a member to visit the course or play a round.”

A spokesperson for IBM contacted by WRAL Tech Wire declined to comment on the Bloomberg story.

The IBM executive also would not say whether Rometty planned to attend.

A Masters spokesperson declined to comment to Bloomberg about the touchy subject.

“They have a dilemma on many levels,” Marcia Chambers, senior research scholar in law and journalist in residence at Yale University Law School, told Bloomberg. “If there’s been a tradition of certain CEOs, then they should look at this new CEO in the same way. The only thing that makes her any different is her gender.”

By the way, Rometty is a golfer.

Bloomberg also notes that Augusta did not have a black member until 1990.

Read the full story here.

IBM employs some 10,000 people across North Carolina.