GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK) is going to be monitoring social media to tune in about what people are saying about the company and its products and seeking to interact with them. 

In a deal announced last week, the drug giant said it would work with Infosys (Nasdaq: INFY) to develop “Global Digital Services.”

The goal of the contract is to deliver a service that “will simplify and improve effectiveness of how GSK delivers digital engagement with consumers and healthcare professionals,” the companies said in a release. The technology will enable GSK to “listen to consumers across an array of digital channels.”


Infosys is working with Fabric Worldwide to build what it is calling a “digital marketing platform” with proprietary technology called BLUE (build, listen, understand, engage).

“We recognize that our customers, consumers and other external stakeholders increasingly want to engage with us on-line,” said Phil Benton, vice president of Global Digital Services, at GSK Core Business Services. ”Global Digital Services will enable us to provide globally standard processes, scalable assets and advanced analytics to support better and more efficient engagement with these external audiences. Infosys and Fabric bring important and complementary capabilities to give us the potential to make a real step forward in this area.”

Read the press release here.

GSK operates its North American headquarters in RTP and employs several thousand people in the area. 

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