Video technology and archiving technology firm Digitalsmiths is moving into the realm of social media to help its clients deliver targeted entertainment recommendations to consumers.

“Buzz on social networks, particularly trends on Twitter, is playing an increasingly important role in entertainment discovery,” said Ben Weinberger, Digitalsmiths’ CEO chief executive officer, in announcing the new service.

“By rolling real-time social conversations into our search and recommendations solution, we can provide a more seamless experience to end-users.”

The new service is called “Social Discovery.”

Digitalsmiths, which launched as a company focused on delivering advertising and other services based on analysis of metadata within videos, says recommendations can be made in real time across multiple kinds of devices. 

The company sees the new service as having appeal to consumers since data is not being “pushed” to them that requires action/

“Most current social TV solutions focus on generating and pushing out social data to viewers, requiring them to browse trending topics on Twitter or other third party applications prior to sitting down on the couch and deciding what to watch,” the company says. “Digitalsmiths is removing this extra step in the discovery process by pulling in real-time social data to directly deliver personalized recommendations for viewers across all of their connected devices.”

Social Discovery is an addition to the “Seamless Discovery” platform from Digitalsmiths that was created to make personalized recommendations and is being tetsted by what the company calls “top-tier service providers.”

“With the addition of social networks as a source of data, service providers, content providers, and consumer electronics manufacturers can leverage social conversations to generate recommendations, helping viewers discover the most talked about video entertainment that meets their personal preferences,” the company says.

A webinar about the new service is set for March 28. (Details here.)

Digitalsmiths, which is venture capital backed and is based in Durham, works with companies such as Warner Bros, Paramount, Technicolor, Turner, the NBA and NASCAR.

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